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Legal v Lawful and the next BIG BANK FRAUD

Legal versus Lawful. What does that statement mean?  Are they not one and the same?  If something is lawful, does it not logically follow that it is also legal?
The answer is most definitely NO!

We have been misled (deceived), in many things and in particular with regards to things that relate to the law.
This is a topic that, I will explain on meeting you, as there’s scope to recover   
much that has been taken from you by your ignorance of the law.
If you thought miss-sold PPI or the recent banking frauds over the LIBOR rate were big news, wait till you hear what’s coming next!

Want to learn more? Call us now to arrange a discreet and confidential meeting today.
In our experience, most people are not familiar with ALL of their rights. This has often led them down a path that they wouldn’t otherwise have taken, had they sought the RIGHT advice at the time.

Finding the ‘right advice’ is often frustrating, as there would appear to be scant (if any), places, where you can find that right advice.

But, here you are, the right advice is just a phone call away, and someone that will fight your corner too, not just take your cash and leave you to face those financial issues alone.

We believe we are truly unique in the services that we offer. We can genuinely suggest very novel and yet  peculiarly contemporary, solutions to your financial stresses.

So don’t pay for Financial Advice or Accountancy that doesn’t meet your needs,  
or pay fancy prices for people whom you rarely see and that have no interest in you or your business.

So whether it’s just simple Book-keeping or something much more involved. Let us offer you a service that will leave you smiling, not drowning.

Don’t delay if you have a debt or financial problem, as the sooner we tackle it, the quicker you’ll be able to get back to your real life.

Call James today on 0790 772 2772

“I was paying my accountants an absolute fortune every year, GFS (Gillan Financial Services), saved me the cost of their charges many times over and, more importantly, saved my sanity” AL


Thinking that’s out of the box - About GFS (Gillan Financial Services)


Many of our clients had little or no real contact with their advisors. We will meet you as often as you need, as no two businesses are identical. We will also help you plan ahead, keeping your taxes to an absolute minimum.

All Fees will also be agreed in advance with you