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GFS (Gillan Financial Services) - LTD Company Formations

We offer a range of Financial and Business Services, including same day Company Formations.

We can help you set up your own business today (always subject to availability from Companies House), complete with premises, office furniture, ADSL Broadband, Telephone Lines etc. This can be anywhere in the UK or even Worldwide!

We can also help you with Company formations including single Director or Partnerships etc, even same day Company formations and with prices from just £61.95 (plus VAT) it won’t break the Bank.

Our LTD Company packages includes all Legal paperwork e.g. Articles of
Association, First Minutes, Shareholders etc. Which are sent to you electronically by email.

We offer several Limited Company Formation packages.

The fee varies depending on the package chosen - we have four.

We also offer a range of related services including: Brass Nameplates (prices from just £60 plus VAT), Framed documents and of course financial planning and help with Corporation Tax etc.
We can also give you personal assistance with your Self Assessment completion, VAT returns and other financial  matters.
We also offer help with Debt and Mortgage problems and HMRC Tax Credits form filling.

In response to customer requests we have provided some useful Internet links, covering relevant subject matter for many of our clients.

See also our Download page for the most used Company Forms.

Here at GFS (Gillan Financial Services), we pride ourselves in the vast amount of money we have saved all of our clients over the years.

Put us to the test today, we can typically save a small company anything between £1200 and £3000 per annum on accountancy alone. Larger companies (VAT registered companies), can save much more.

We also offer a range of additional services, for personal as well as business use.

We believe we can bring a smile back to your face, so for real help and real advice that, will set you on the path to real financial freedom, call us now!


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Make a break from your old accountancy habits, change to us today and start to set yourself free.

Let us take the financial strain, give yourself a real financial gain.

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