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We offer a full range of conventional services including: Book-Keeping, VAT advice and personal help in using and completing, Self Assessment Tax Returns etc.

We also offer a range of business solutions, in order for you to meet your Legal and Lawful requirements.

GFS (Gillan Financial Services), has a long & proud history of helping people in financial difficulty.

If you’re experiencing debt issues, call us today for a different perspective on all things financial.

Here at GFS (Gillan Financial Services), we pride ourselves in the vast amount of money we have saved all of our clients over the years.

Put us to the test today, we can typically save a small company anything between £1200 and £3000 per annum on accountancy alone. Larger companies (VAT registered companies), can save much more.

We also offer a range of additional services, for personal as well as business use.

We believe we can bring a smile back to your face, so for real help and real advice that, will set you on the path to real financial freedom, call us now!

Telephone James on:

M. 0790 772 2772

01324 812121

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