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What types of business can I start?

There are various forms of business structure available in the UK. From being a simple sole trader to a Public Limited Company.

What are the benefits of becoming a limited company?

Becoming a limited company bestows many advantages:

Risk avoidance – limited financial liability

Reduced tax bills

Prestige and credibility

Defined ownership – issuing shares to represent percentage of ownership makes clear who is entitled to what percentage of profits

Protection of your business name

Avoidance of common problems associated with unlimited partnerships

Can I choose any name I like for my company?

The name of your company will give potential customers a strong first impression, so it is vital to choose carefully. In theory, you can choose whatever name you want for your company, but there are a few exceptions:

If it is identical to, or too similar to an existing name

If it is offensive, or if its use would be a criminal offence

If it uses sensitive words or expressions, as determined by the secretary of state for trade, which may suggest a connection with the government

How can I protect the name I choose for my company?

Due to changes in the law in 1985, only businesses required to register their names with Companies House, mainly limited companies, can protect their name. This effectively means that if you are not a limited company or LLP, you cannot register your name with any government agency – and you cannot protect that name using this method. This only really leaves trademark protection which is an expensive and complex task.

Where can I learn more about accounts and the financial aspects of a limited company?

Every limited company is required by law to submit accounts to Companies House on an annual basis. It is vital that you know when your financial year begins and ends and what deadlines apply for filing accounts with Companies House and the Inland Revenue.

Will my company need company registers and statutory books?

Company registers or statutory books are files containing the details that a limited company is required by law to record, such as a list of company members, the register of directors and secretaries, and details of any mortgages or charges held on company property. All of our new company formation packages provide registers as standard. If you need a register for an existing company you can purchase additional copies from us too.

Can I change my company name after incorporation?

Yes, a company name can be changed any time after the incorporation by a written resolution of the members.

GFS can assist with filing a name change application - please contact us for details. The process normally takes a week to complete and you will receive a Certificate of Name Change from Companies House once completed.

What if the company doesn't take-off or I no longer need it?

Private companies that have not traded or otherwise carried on business for at least three months may apply to the Registrar to be struck off the register. You can do this by filing a form 652a. Other Forms HERE

On which documents must the company name be shown?

The company must state its name, in legible lettering, on the following:

All the company's business letters

All its notices and other official publications

Website's owned by the company

All bills of exchange, promissory notes, endorsements, cheque's and orders for money or goods purporting to be signed by, or on behalf of, the company

What details must I include in my company's stationery?

Under the Companies Act 1985, unless you trade in your own name, the company name must be displayed and be clearly legible on all stationery and publications. Company letterheads and order forms must also include:

The company name in its full legal form, printed in legible lettering

The company's place of registration (for example, registered in Cardiff or England) and registered number

The company's registered office address

Companies must also show their registered details on all website's they own.  

Where can I obtain further guidance booklets?

Guidance booklets can be obtained from the Companies House website:

Where can I obtain VAT (value added tax) and HM Revenue and Customs information?

For VAT information, you can call us for advice or contact another accountant, together with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC). You can apply for VAT registration online free of charge at . If you anticipate your turnover going over the VAT threshold, then you are required to register for VAT by law.


How do I file my Companies House forms?

You can file your Companies House forms online or by post and free of charge. By filing online the changes are usually recorded within 24 hours.

Filing information with Companies House is an essential part of running your limited company. Companies House must be notified of specific information within set deadlines and you have two ways of doing this.

The traditional method is to post prescribed forms to the registrar. These forms can be downloaded from this web site HERE or from Companies House.

If you would prefer to file information with Companies House electronically yourself, you can do this simply by registering for Web Filing. You will require two codes -

Personal Security Code - This is issued by Companies House to end users of the system. The code is emailed to you as soon as you register.

Authentication Code - This is specific to the limited company. This code is usually issued to all companies that are formed electronically and should be supplied by your Company Formation Agent - us if you buy from GFS. If not you can apply for a new code from Companies House, this will be posted to the registered office address.

(GFS or The Digital Network provide this code for all companies registered with us, it is detailed in your "Letter of Instruction". We do not have access to codes of companies not registered on our system.)

To access web filing follow this link

There are a number of advantages to using web filing

Quicker response, most electronic filings are accepted more quickly than the paper equivalent

Confirmation of changes being accepted is issued by email

Less paperwork

Why should I use GFS?

To begin trading as a limited company, you are legally required to register your company at Companies House, and provide them with certain information on an annual basis. While it is possible to register your company direct with Companies House, this can be time-consuming, confusing and costly. Registering using GFS, The Digital Network and its partners is quick and easy and makes much more sense:

On average a paper application will cost in excess of £100; you’ll save money with GFS or The Digital Network Group. Our software generates the required legal paperwork including the Memorandum and Articles of Association; to purchase these from a legal stationers would cost a minimum of £20 and you would still need to amend them to your requirements. As our software is Companies House approved you can simply provide some basic personal information instead of making a Statutory Declaration in front of a solicitor - saving you on average £20. With a paper application, you’d also need to pay a Government fee of £20, and then have to obtain Share Certificates and a Company Register Etc.

With GFS, everything you need to incorporate a limited company is included in the price, which starts at only £61.95 plus vat. ORDER HERE

You’ll save time with GFS. Paper applications take a minimum of 5 working days - assuming the first application is accepted. Using our fast and effective online service means that your limited company will be incorporated the same day; often, your company can be formed in as little as one hour*.

(*depending on Companies House work load and time of application)

Applications are more accurate with GFS - our systems have been designed with a number of fail-safes to avoid errors when filing information. Paper applications are notoriously difficult to get right the first time due to the complex nature of the forms, and mistakes will cost you time and money.

GFS offer expert advice - Companies House offer no advice based on your personal circumstances or suitability.

Are there any hidden charges or extras to pay with GFS or The Digital Network?

No. All of our prices are all-inclusive and that includes all government fees, legal documentation, printing and first class postage costs where applicable. If you want to purchase extras such as a registered office or company seal, these are also readily available.

How long before I receive my Certificate of Incorporation?

Your Certificate of Incorporation is sent to your email address as soon as it is available from Companies House. This can be as little as one hour after placing your order, but we do ask you to allow up to 8 working hours (not available Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays). On rare occasions Companies House systems may experience very high demand or technical issues which can lead to delays of a few more working hours.

How do I change my current registered office to one of your registered offices?

It’s easy - simply contact us with the name of your company, forwarding address and our payment. Then one of our business advisors will discuss the transfer of address and answer any questions you may have.

Can I speak to someone if I have a question not answered here?

Yes, of course - we are here to help you. Please do not hesitate to contact us for friendly and professional assistance from our team of expert business advisers.

Do you accept Credit or Debit Cards and can I choose to pay by PayPal or cheque if needed?

Yes, we accept all these methods of payment, but you will not get it same day if you pay by Cheque.

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We also offer high quality, brass engraved nameplates (various sizes) with the Registered Company Name (up to 40 characters including spaces) or Hard Bound Printed Documents such as the Company Registers etc. Please contact us for details of these Products.

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