Financial & Tax Planning
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We will help you assert your rights. All of them!

Often, clients come to us in a very distressed state, because they don’t understand their rights. This situation is made worse by those who’re meant to serve us.

Our systems of Governance are full of corrupt people who would deny us our rights. Learn yours today, and take back control of your life. Set yourself on the road to real freedom.


We offer the new businessman or woman, a complete start up package. Start now with our same day deals.

In fact, we can provide everything you need to start a company today, including your new premises (includes furniture etc), Ltd Company formation, Accountancy services, Web Site etc. Start trading today!



Need help with accountancy and book-keeping? We offer one-to-one advice and assistance.

We offer a range of affordable accountancy services, on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.

We will discuss all our fees up front with you, before you sign anything. There will be NO surprises, NO shocks, NO unexpected surprises, only fair business practises at all times.

Our first meeting with you (limited to 30 minutes), is FREE! This will be to ascertain your circumstances only, and no advice will be offered at this early stage.


Whatever your requirements, we can offer you a range of business & personal services to suit your needs.


Try this handy VAT calculator for doing your VAT Return

Thanks to everyone at Small Business Pro

VAT Rate Calculator